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Take medical-device hardware. Verily’s goal isn’t to create the next incremental invention in hardware: it’s to ask what exists in a particular space and whether it’s sufficient to extract the highest-quality data to enable better outcomes. For example, we looked at continuous glucose Using data and technology to improve healthcare ecosystems monitoring for patients who are diabetic. After doing an assessment, we didn’t think the applications currently available were wholly effective for patients with type 2 diabetes because they are not user-friendly, they are too narrowly focused, or they overlooked other important behavioral aspects of diabetes management. So we entered that space. We start with the problem first, and if an available wearable or other sensor doesn’t collect the right data so we can provide inputs back to the patient, the providers, and the clinicians, we want to create a solution.

Verily is a data healthcare company that extracts high-fidelity data from the healthcare ecosystem and applies it to patients’ lives to improve human health. Everybody today talks about the need to focus on patient outcomes, but a lot of those conversations break down because of a lack of high-quality, longitudinal data—because we don’t know how well people manage their diseases on a daily basis, or we don’t understand comorbidities across different chronic diseases well enough, and so we can’t predict the effect a treatment will have on a patient population. Right now, data sets, whether from pharmaceutical companies, hardware companies, clinical workflows, or patients, sit separately within the ecosystem, which doesn’t effectively enable a true outcomes-based model that properly aligns incentives for all parties so that patients arrive at optimal outcomes. Verily’s purpose is to collect and integrate these massive and disparate data sets, observe new patterns, extract insights, and provide those insights to clinicians and patients to enable better management of health and disease.

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